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Our vision for the Developement of Printing Technology pulled us to care for other Insititutions, and for our people. Our mission onsets mainly by epuipping the students and alumni of the Institute of Printing Technology (IPT) in various technical and training skills. This goal of ours is quite dynamic, as we update the staffs and trainee, with the current developing technology. To accomplish so, we try to improve the atmosphere of the IPT by sophisticating the infrastructure. Our assignments not only concern about the development of knowledge and technology, but are student friendly by sposnsoring job fair among the students for the print and allied organizations. As raising the fund for any charitable organization is inevitable, our trust meets this need by voluntary donations, trust membership fee, and from the income generated through subscriptions of our WTIPT journals.
This vision for IPT has been translated us and pulled us to focus on wide range of ancillary commision with social causes. We will give back to the society by working for their welfare, by conducting public/cultural programs for their benefit, to establish or fund library, reading rooms, and sport facilities. We will extend our hands of hope to help the poor and needy by establishing, and or aiding, or taking over, old age homes, orphanages, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, and medical camps to provide consultancy on hygiene to the poor. It is noteworthy to state that, during recent flood in Tamil Nadu, we have provided relief to the victims and needy; and we will continue doing the same on unfavorable times. Most imporatntly as students are the backbone of our society, we will provide career-guidance, training, and financial support for poor students either in India or abroad.
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If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.
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